We create architecture as an integration of art, technology and the environment, creating functional space in an aesthetic manner. Our approach is the consideration for all aspects of context, community, culture, economics; to be a product of its time and place in society. To have relevance and contribute to the users and community today and tomorrow. The design process is to be inclusive of all stakeholders having at its core the central design idea which inform all aspects of the architecture. We look to designing enduring architecture that is adaptable and robust and meets the needs of people today and in the future. Our buildings are about design excellence, contextual relevance and value for money.

Urban Design

BHI urban design is the process of ‘place making’ having at its core the principles of sustainability to ensure long term success in environmental design, social equity and economic viability.
BHI brings together through integrated process; planning, transportation, architecture development economics, landscaping and engineering, and embraces design excellence through the idea of communities as outlined by GBCA. BHI engages with stakeholders as a collaborative process to deliver projects through planning including infrastructure, buildings, public realm, people, ecology, economy, governance and services.


BHI views interior design as the natural extension of an architectural brief or as the creation of an entirely new design within an existing building. BHI creates interiors that enrich those who use them.BHI interior design is an integrated process from the exterior to the interior of a building, and we address all issues associated with the architecture, interior and landscape as a whole.We are able to design a range of project types to fit the diverse contexts including housing, public spaces, commercial and cultural facilities.We seek innovative design solutions for the spatial planning, finishes and detailing.BHI has achieved award-winning recognition in this field and has a significant portfolio of private and corporate clients.


BHI integrates the landscape component of all disciplines including architecture, urban design and interior design, utilising specialist designers and landscape architects. The knowledge of climate, vegetation, soils and hydraulics provides a background for design of urban parks, waterfront development, building landscape and recreational facilities. Landscape design connects the human elements, natural elements and living elements to enhance the quality of life and health within our projects.


Research & Planning

We are a research based design practice following a process which analyses the brief, market and planning through to the detail and material selection for the project.BHI believe that projects require an intelligent analysis of all constraints and opportunities which enables best practice functionally, economically and aesthetically.Research and planning informs our projects based on the client brief, context, market demand, planning legislation, environment and economics. All issues are identified for stakeholders and strategy development to achieve successful project outcomes. The highest and best use is established for the functionality of the site combined with aesthetics/environment controls addressed through materiality.